Online Training Series Debuts

Over the past decade, Green Technology has organized hundreds of educational and training events, with a focus on supporting the efforts of public and private sector professionals engaged in sustainability programs and projects. Along the way, it has developed relationships with a wide range of experts in subjects ranging from energy efficiency and renewable energy to Read more about Online Training Series Debuts[…]

Report: Three Years to Avert a Climate Tipping Point

In advance of this week’s G20 Summit in Germany, California Governor Jerry Brown joined a group of signatories that published a commentary in the journal Nature warning that “should emissions continue to rise beyond 2020, or even remain level, the temperature goals set in Paris become almost unattainable.” The collaborative Mission 2020 campaign also issued a report, 2020: The Climate Read more about Report: Three Years to Avert a Climate Tipping Point[…]

Study: Air Pollution Reducing Solar Energy Production

One more reason to move away from fossil fuels: A study just published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters suggests that air pollution has the potential to reduce solar output by as much as 17-25 percent in some regions. “Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) has the potential to diminish solar energy production by direct and indirect radiative forcing Read more about Study: Air Pollution Reducing Solar Energy Production[…]

Study: Gradual Rises in CO2 Can Lead to Climate Tipping Points

It’s a familiar story for anyone concerned with environmental issues: the more we learn about the natural systems with which human activities interact, the more we discover that we don’t know enough about them to predict unwanted consequences. Science Daily reports that new climate calculations from researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute and the University of Cardiff suggest that even Read more about Study: Gradual Rises in CO2 Can Lead to Climate Tipping Points[…]

California Climate Fight More Urgent Than Ever

Beijing smog: Studies have found that auto exhaust is the main source of pollution. In the face of proposed changes in federal efforts to fight climate change, California’s aggressive efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have become more important than ever. Federal officials have said that rolling back climate programs will allow the EPA to focus Read more about California Climate Fight More Urgent Than Ever[…]

Recycling Organic Waste: Summit Training

As of January 2017, businesses, government buildings and multifamily structures in California that generate 4 cubic yards of organic waste per week are legally required to recycle it. Specialists working to support implementation of the law are finding that there are twists and turns on the road to compliance. A concurrent session at the Green California Summit Read more about Recycling Organic Waste: Summit Training[…]