September 11, 2019

Electrify Your Fleet – This webinar series can show you how

The era of the electric school bus has begun. Vehicles are now available that can handle a typical school bus route, and there are a wide range of incentives for both buses and charging infrastructure. Many districts in Southern California have been awarded buses through Prop 39, and are now needing to plan and install the charging stations that will service them.

The California Air Resources Board and local air quality districts have set their sights on diesel vehicles. Replacing them is critical for the health of Californians as well as to forward state goals for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

This means that the pressure to replace diesel buses won’t go away. Fortunately, neither will programs that can help your district move in this direction.

Free Webinar Series

Join us for a three-part complimentary webinar series on how to electrify your school bus fleet. Learn what others are doing and how Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Transport program can help you move forward!

You can participate in some or all of the webinars. If you can’t make all (or any) of the webinars, you can still sign up and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

Webinar 1

Getting Started with an EV School Bus Deployment
Tuesday, October 1
11am – 12pm

Bellflower School District
Andrew Papson, Southern California Edison

Learn how SCE’s Charge Ready Transport program helps fleet managers easily and cost-effectively install charging infrastructure.

Webinar 2

Funding for Schools
Tuesday, October 22
11am – 12:30 pm

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
South Coast Air Quality Management District
California Energy Commission
Air Resources Board

Learn about additional incentives and rebates that drive down the cost of EVs and charging infrastructure.

Webinar 3

Planning and Installing your Electric Infrastructure  
Tuesday, November 5
11am – 12pm

Justin Bardin, Southern California Edison
Simon Horton, Southern California Edison

Walk through the infrastructure design and build process from start to finish.

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