May 22, 2019

Session Proposal Submission Form

Thanks for your interest in presenting at the Summit. Please use this online form rather than submitting details in a word or pdf document. A proposal cannot be considered if all the information requested has not been provided. Please adhere to the word limit for session descriptions.

What is the purpose of education sessions?
Sessions are intended to highlight information, best practices and resources that can contribute to the success of sustainability and environmental literacy programs in schools.

Who attends these sessions?
The audience for these sessions will consist of professionals from schools (business, facilities, administrative and instructional specialists), as well as representatives of the design, engineering, construction and non-profit sectors. These individuals are directly involved in program creation, management and delivery.

What kind of content is appropriate?
We are seeking presentations by experts and practitioners who have created, directed or managed successful programs or projects in schools.

A session offering a case history of a building or energy project that achieved its goals, presented by the actual project team, would be an example of such a presentation. Student presenters are welcome, and have participated in the past in sessions focused on curriculum or student engagement programs.

How long are the sessions?
Concurrent sessions are 60 minutes long. In planning your session, we suggest that you allow time for audience interaction.

Are there format requirements?
The exact format of a session (series of speakers, panel presentation, single speaker, etc.) is at the discretion of the session organizer.

What topics will be covered?
In the form below you will find topics for which we are seeking presentations.

What equipment will be provided?
Each session will be provided with a computer, projector and a screen. Each room will have a podium with microphone, a table and chairs for panelists with an additional microphone at the table.

Is every submission included in the program?
There are a limited number of sessions in the Summit education program, and we are not able to include all sessions that are proposed. Submission of a session proposal does not guarantee that the proposed session will be included in the concurrent program. In some cases, speakers submitting proposals may be asked to share a session with others who have made submissions on the same topic.

The deadline for priority review of session submissions is June 30, 2019.

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