June 24, 2017

Help stakeholders discover the value of your product or service.

Through its conferences, training, and editorial activities, Green Technology serves thousands of public and private sector professionals who design, manage and execute green programs and projects in California.

No market offers greater opportunity. At a time of uncertainty at the federal level, the Golden State has emerged as a national and international sustainability leader. The world’s sixth-largest economy is actively looking for innovative technologies and solutions.

The Sustainability Webinar series from Green Technology offers you a chance to reach decision makers from this unique market. These one-hour presentations will be offered to attendees at no charge, streamed live and then archived for six months.

Green Technology will provide outreach, marketing, and registration services for the webinar. Based on our experience over the past 11 years, we will also provide guidance regarding webinar content and presenters.

After the live presentation, the webinar will be archived in the Green Technology Magazine pages. It will be promoted via social media and referenced or promoted in editorial content that relates to the subject area of the webinar.

Participation in both the live and archived versions of the webinar will require registration, and over the course of the six-month period, you will continue to receive contact information for those who have viewed the webinar.

For an application, click here.

This is a limited offering. Act now to secure your space.

Keith Miller
Publisher Green Technology