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Low-Voltage (LV) transformers are installed in most schools throughout California and are the key piece of electrical infrastructure for all plug loads and many lighting systems. Prior to January 1, 2007 there were no required minimum efficiency standards for LV transformers. Retro-fitting with new high efficiency LV transformers will upgrade a key piece of the electric infrastructure and reduce electricity consumption.

Prop 39 presents an opportunity to cost effectively replace 20 – 50 year old equipment with transformers guaranteed to perform optimally for 32-years and beyond. Modernizing this critical infrastructure with efficient, money saving equipment, results in an excellent Savings to Investment Ratio and bankable performance.

In this webinar you will hear examples of how other schools saved 2% – 8% of their total electricity bill after installing high efficiency transformers.

Learning Objective #1 (Regulatory Evolution) – LV transformer efficiency is now regulated by Federal Law, under EPACT 2005 and DOE 2016. Learn how to utilize products that exceed these minimum efficiency standards to maximize SIR under Prop 39 and secure utility incentives.

Learning Objective #2 (Plug Load Changes) – Digital technology such as power supplies, control devices and lighting increases Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) incompatible with most transformers, which have been well oversized for the application load. This seminar will demonstrate the need to address THD and load profiles to maximize savings and improve operating conditions.

Learning Objective #3 (Renewable Energy) – LV transformers are designed to perform best at a specified load conditions and duty cycles. Learn how LV transformers are being optimized for specific application loading when paired with on-site Renewable Energy.

Learning Objective #4 (Best Practices) – Installed transformers have a lot of variance with no industry standards for the case sizes, impedance, or terminals configuration. Learn how Powersmiths’ OPAL process identifies the DNA and baseload of your existing transformers and provides you with a LV transformer Optimized to Perform for the Application Load in your school.

Learning Objective #5 (SIR) – Long useful life and verifiable savings that do not degrade over time substantiate high Savings to Investment ratios. Certified field and laboratory measurements performed to Federal DoE standards and ISO 17025 support a bankable SIR and payback calculations.

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This training offers one Build It Green CEU.


Chris Wheeler
Director of Sales and Business Development

As the Director of Sales and Business Development at Powersmiths, Chris is responsible for building Powersmiths public sector and commercial energy efficiency portfolio by delivering energy savings and new infrastructure to Federal, State, and Local government facilities and installations. Chris is responsible for developing and implementing market research and strategies, sales plans, and business partnerships throughout the US. Chris has 21+ years experience in the energy and water conservation industry including developing large-scale ESPC/UESC projects, utility incentive programs, and business structures for the implementation of energy efficiency projects throughout the commercial and public sectors.

Chris frequently speaks on energy conservation and the importance of M&V including GovEnergy, Energy Symposium, and World Energy Engineering Congress. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from Southern NH University.

John Handy
SoCal Sales & Business Development

In his position at Powersmiths John supports the Western Region Sales and Business Development primarily in Southern California.  John delivers energy efficiency and infrastructure improvement solutions to a wide range of customers – state, local, commercial – with a specific emphasis on the Federal Market.  John has 7 years direct Federal experience in solar energy as well as extensive experience in project management and public works.  His projects have been California, Arizona and overseas in the private sector and in the US Army.  His projects have been financed through ESPC, UESC, Power Purchase Agreements, and Appropriated Funds; often blending financing methods.

Before returning to the Private Sector and Energy Efficiency, John spent much of time from 2000 – 2010 working on economic development and reconstruction overseas.  The work focused on sustainable development solutions as well as refugee populations. John is a retired Colonel, has a Bachelor’s Degree from CSU Chico, a Master’s Degree from Chapman University and is a licensed General Contractor in California.

Camilo Arango
Western Region Sales & Business Development Manager

In his position as Western Region Sales and Business Development Manager at Powersmiths, Camilo delivers energy savings and infrastructure improvements to customers west of the Rockies.  Camilo’s teams is responsible for a broad range of customers though his passion and focus lies with Schools and Education.  This is a result of 4 years as an instructor in the Energy Trades, training technicians, journeymen and working adults.  His 18 years of experience have spanned the spectrum of energy efficiency; solving problems in the field, as a Mechanical Engineer and now as solution provider.  He has worked closely with schools, universities, research facilities on both sides of the table, as the customer and the solution provider.  He has experience with many contract vehicles, in particular Prop 39 ESPCs.

Camilo is a recognized leader in Energy Efficiency and instrumental in adding transformers as an ECM in the Prop 39 program as well as developing incentives with various utilities.  His projects have been recognized and awarded.  In 2012 the AEE in San Diego awarded his project “Renewable Energy Project of the Year.” And in 2016 his JPL project was awarded by AEE as the “National Renewable Energy Project of the Year.” Camilo holds a Masters in Thermodynamics and is a Certified Energy Manager.